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Dutch habits The Dutch have some unique customs and habits that may seem strange to foreigners.

  • Gezelligheid - Gezelligheid is an important concept in Dutch culture. It means cosiness: being together, having fun and relaxing. Gezelligheid kent geen tijd is a famous dutch expression. Ge...


 Scandinavian habits and customs: Hygge to Fika

  • Why habits?
  • Habits in Denmark
  • Habits in Finland
  • Habits in Iceland
  • Habits in Norway
  • Habits in Sweden

Why habits? For a while now, I am inspired by all kinds of ways of livi...


Habits from Hungary Hungarian habits are a blend of tradition and modern influences. Here are some interesting details...

  • When you greet, you shake hands. On official occasions, when you greet elderly you bow and give a kiss on both cheeks.
  • Paprika is the most prominent ingred...

Volunteering Vietnam

For 8 weeks I was a volunteer in Can Tho, Vietnam and visited 6 different projects. I teached English to mostly children of age 4-5, 5-7 or 11-14. Futhermore, I also visited an orphanage twice a week to entertain children with several toys we brought. Another project included teaching English to Vie...

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