Magazine: Why and how to add a WorldSupporter magazine of journal?

Magazine: Why and how to add a WorldSupporter magazine of journal?

Tool description: What are WorldSupporter Journals and Magazines?

  • In a Magazine you can bring together all your information or items connecting to one subject of your choice.
  • This tool offers the most space for self-determination on what information you want to show in which place.
  • For instance, you can create a Magazine about your trip to Peru in which you bundle all your blogs, media, updates and recipes that relate to your trip.
  • A Magazine will make it easier for visitors to find all your contributions and easier for you to advertise your content and inspire others.

Tool kit: How to use WorldSupporter Journals and Magazines?

  • Step 1: Log in and Create a new MagazineTo start a new magazine you only need to think of a title and some basic category tags.

    • Write an introduction to your magazine in the textfield called 'body', this will provides visitors and search engines some guidance.
    • You can save and edit your magazine whenever you like.
  • Step 2: Start to add content
    • The Magazine tool allows you to write unique content or place pictures in the so called 'creative spaces'. The content you add at those places will only appear on this particular magazine.
    • The second option is to use the so called 'resources' field. These fields allow you to place you earlier WorldSupporter contributions in your magazine.
    • In addition to your own content you can also select contributions by other Supporters. To get those contributions in your 'resources' you need to go to those specific pages and click on the 'Save for later' button at the bottom of each contribution. Return to your magazine and it will appear in your resources list.
  • Step 3: Exposure
    • To attract additional attention to your magazine you can add it to the 'resources' field of all contributions that you wrote and that relate to your magazine.
    • When you have collected information or inspiration shared by other Supporters you can add a comment to their contribution and share your magazine (the author will receive an email as a notification of your comment).

Example Magazine: How to use the features of WorldSupporter

This page is als an example of a magazine about 'How to use the features of WorldSupporter'

  • In this magazine you will find more information on how to use the old and new features.
  • The Supporter Tools ABC gives an overview of all functionalities for both visitors and active Supporters. The Tool overview focusses on the different page types for sharing your stories, ideas and inspiration.
  • Didn't find your answer yet? Use the WorldSupporter contact form
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More specific manuals per WorldSupporter tool

WorldSupporter Toolkit: Blog about how to share knowledge and experiences on the JoHo WorldSupporter platform?

A blog about how to share knowledge and experiences on the JoHo WorldSupporter platform

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Tool overview

  • Go to 'WorldSupporter Tools' for a brief introduction to the different tools on WorldSupporter
  • Go to 'Supporter Tools: ABC'  for an overview of all feateres of the platform
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