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Hiking in Japan is something that can’t be skipped! If you’re up for an adventure outside of the everyday city excitement, get up to the mountains around Kyoto. In this blog you’ll find a description of Fushimi Inari, Hieisan, Daimon-ji, Takao-Hozukyo Fushimi Inari The hike up Fus...


Triglav National Park owes its name to the beautiful mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest peak at 2864m. It is a part of the Julian Alps, a mountain range covering both Italy and Slovenia. With it's lush green forest, clear blue rivers and rocky peaks, it presents a great places for nature lovers,...


Hiking in Romania Usually, people who visit Romania are mostly interested in Dracula, medieval cities or the capitol Bucharest overlooking the Carpathians. The Carpathians offer impressive views from the tops, there are more then enough courses to follow for inexperienced hikers and still be rewarde...


Two weeks ago I went on my first solo hike, to Scotland. While I initially wanted to go to Norway, the high price in the country and the rough terrain made me decide to go with Scotland instead, a country I had been to before and which would maybe be a little more friendly for my first ever multi-da...

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Foundations of sport and exercise psychology (Weinberg)

Summary of Foundations of sport and exercise psychology by Weinberg donated to WorldSupporter

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to sport and exercise psychology
  • Chapter 2 - Sport and personality
  • Chapter 3 - Motivation
  • Chapter 4 - Stress, arousal and anxiety

Summary of Sports Economics by Downward: 1st edition
  • Chapter 1 - Economics of sport
  • Chapter 2 - Nature, organization and economic significance of sport
  • Chapter 7 - The professional sports market
  • Chapter 8 - Outcome uncertainty
  • Chapter 9 - Professional sports leagues and cross-subsidization
  • Ch...
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