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This is a bundle with information about anxiety- and mood disorders. The bundle is based on the course anxiety- and mood disorders taught at the third year of psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

Wie is Jitse Bouma (Stichting DreamCycle)

Mijn naam is Jitse Bouma, ik ben fanatiek sporter en groot liefhebber van reizen. Sinds september 2018 fiets ik van Nederland naar India om geld in te zamelen voor het Prinses Maxima Centrum. Waarom ga ik 10.000 km’s fietsen voor kinderen met kanker? Op mijn 12de kreeg ik leukemie. G...

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What is pain and how to deal with pain? - Chapter 16
  • What does the experience of pain entail?
  • How do people communicate pain?
  • What are the biological models of pain?
  • What is the psycho-biological theory of pain?
  • What is meant by the neuromatrix?
  • How can people be helped to cope with pain?
De neurobiologie van stress en ontwikkeling

Samenvatting van artikel 'The Neurobiology of Stress and Development' geschreven in 2014

  • Neuroanatomie en fysiologie
  • Dierstudies over vroege ervaringen en de neurobiologie van stress
  • Postnatale menselijke ontwikkelings- en stressbiologie
  • Sociale regulatie va...

Summary of The boy who was raised as a dog by Perry

English book summary with the 1st edition of The boy who was raised as a dog by Perry. Through the stories of children who recover-physically, mentally, and emotionally-from the most devastating circumstances, Perry shows how simple things like surroundings, affection, language, and touch can deeply...

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