Checklists: emigration for global nomads, expats and other people moving abroad

Checklists: emigration for global nomads, expats and other people moving abroad

You usually only emigrate once and even if you do it more often, the preparation takes quite a lot of work. JoHo has put together a handy checklist, so that you can get an idea of the arrangements that await you. The exact interpretation of each subject varies greatly from person to person. Please share your experience with your emigration preparation on the WorldSupporter platform.

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Emigration checklist for legal and insurance matters

A scan of your juridical status and the possible risks abroad may be advisable.Check the consequences for inheritance tax, family law, succession rights and matrimonial properties.Possibly get a review of your new international contract (mind the differences in labour law).Check our blog 'How do you assess the reliability of an international insurer?' (in Dutch) Expand the basic inventory that you made in the orientation phase.Use online communities and forums, check recent experiences from peo...

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Emigration checklist for financial matters

Discuss your current financial situation and financial contracts.Gain advice about fiscal matters and sorting things out with the tax authorities (especially in the case where your go abroad as an entrepreneur or if you keep property in your country of residence after emigration). Make use of any tax rebate.Get advice about your salary and where this will be deposited or get information about the consequences of your pension. Get an insight into how you pay for things in your new home country (...

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How to start your emigration process

There are a lot of things to consider when you want to emigrate to another country. Maybe you already have a concrete plan, or know where to find the right information. If that's not the case, don't worry. Here are some tips to help you start your emigration process It can help to get more self-insight; what are your competencies, your character, strong and weak points and what can be obstacles during the emigration processStart an emigration diary, blog or website to document your experiences....

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Tips for settling in after moving to a new country

There are many reasons to move to another country. Maybe you moved abroad for work, study or family, or you want to experience a different culture and way of life. Whatever your reason is, it is common that while moving to a new country can be exciting, you will also likely experience difficulties settling in. The key is to arrange your move well, be flexible and be proactive in setting up your new life. Here are some tips on how to do that. Let your friends and family in your country of origin/...

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Checklist for when you're moving abroad

What to check regarding your property/residence in your home country?Sell, sublet, lend or leave your property empty.At end of lease: check in what state you should deliver your property/residence. For example think about recovering your outstanding deposit. Return your rented housing back to its original state if you don't keep it.Arrange a convenient time for terminating the utilities in your rented or owned residence: keep your day of departure in mind. Allow plenty of time.Consider using an...

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Checklist setting up a project abroad

Are you willing to commit yourself for a long time?Do you have enough of basic finances to start your NGO?Do you have enough time to keep coordinating things and can you get help of the people around you?Are you willing to ‘sacrifice’ your vacations the following years to visit your project? Are you going to set up your own project or are you going to cooperate with an existing local project/organisation that you want to support?Are you aware of the local needs and practices?Do you have enough...

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