"The Dutch" Working & Living Abroad #6: Frank Weijand - Merazonia


  • Frank Weijand


  • Ecuador, Mera, Amazon rainforest

Which Initiative?

  • Merazonia


  • Wildlife conservation organization
  • Merazonia combines passion for nature with a professional approach on animal care and release, along with rainforest conservation and wildlife monitoring.

Something special?

  • Merazonia was truly built by volunteers for volunteers (and animals of course). Volunteers help the local team in the day to day care of the wildlife.
  • Donations are vital for the animal care and release projects of Merazonia. For the wellbeing of the animals they do not receive tourists in the reserve, nor do they get any governmental funding.
  • The World Wildlife Fund has called the area from Baños to Mera, “A Gift to the Earth” because of its beauty and biological importance to the region. 

And last but not least...a little insight in 'Why'

All founding members of Merazonia have a background in volunteering and worked as volunteers at several wildlife centres throughout the continent, before joining forces. The first work started in the fall of 2004, with every partner investing his own money in the project. Frank and his team are proud to have built this centre with their own hands, along with the many volunteers that joined them. Volunteers joined from day one in the heavy physical labor, carrying massive amounts of rocks and sand, and dragging beams through the forest. The only help they had was from a loyal workhorse Monty. Little by little the centre started to take shape. Supporting Merazonia has direct effect: with the help of volunteers and donors they implement successful and groundbreaking rehabilitation programs.

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