Dialogue with a lokal: Bravvo

The person I interviewed is called Bravo. He was a guy I met in the village I stayed in. Ever since we where first introduced by volunteers who were already there, i immediately noticed how cheerful and lively he was. He was kinda used to the volunteers already but still every new encounter seemed to excited him. He often came to our project to help out or we would meet in the village. At first we where just having superficial conversations but pretty quickly that changed and we told eachother everything about our normal lives. And as soon as that happened I started to admire this guy.
He told me about his mom and dad. His dad used to be an alcoholic and beat his mom. After a while his mom couldn’t take it anymore and she took of to Zanzibar. A trip to Zanzibar is pretty expencive, around 50€, and she wasn’t able to take all her kids with her. So she took her daughters and left Bravvo and his behind. While the years past his father died. Bravvo was left alone to take care of himself and his younger brother at the age of 14. He wasn’t able to go to school anymore. He realised that he needed to find a job. So he went to town and met some Swedish people there. They where fixing their boat. Bravvo helped them and in exchange they learnt him english. If you speak english a lot of jobs open up for you in tourisim. When the boat was ready to go, he had a good chat with the crew. They decided that they would pay for his further education untill he got a job he could live from. When I met him, he just started a cooking school because he always dreamt of being a chef. I learned a lot from this encounter. He difines himself as a happy person. Most of the time he got enough to eat and he’s following a good education program at the moment. He tought me that it’s always possible to see the good in a situation and that you have to follow your heart. In Europe people are very quick to judge and be negative. But why would you?

There is no point in moping around. Never. No matter what situation you're in. Bravo is incredibly strong, loves his brother and always tries his best. And even though his live is not perfect, everyday he wakes up and makes the most of it.

This experience taught me that you can make your own life miserable if you want to, it’s all about the attitude. That’s the message i want to give everyone who reads this. Life is not easy, nor it will ever be, but when you enjoy and embrace it: it isn't that bad.

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