General datasets for researchers

This blog offers a handful of useful websites with commonly used datasets for general research.

Data and statistics: Open Data Sets by topic

  • Datasets with the following topics: Agriculture; Chemistry Data & Spectra; Criminal Justice; Demographic-Social; Economic & Financial; Education; Elections & Voting (International); Elections & Voting (U.S.); Energy; Environment; Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Geotechnology; Geosciences; Health; Labor; Polling Data (US & International); Social Media Data & Stats; Sports; Transportation; Other specialized data sets


  • Datasets about anything and everything European

NCU Research process

  • Searching datasets made easy


  • Data and metadata for OECD member states and selected non-member states


  • Datasets with the following subjects: Business and Employment; Crime/Conflict/Drugs; Internet; Finance; Health; Entertainment; Government; Transportation; Weather & Environment; Miscellaneous


  • Some really good starting places for further exploration of the free data set you want

Statistical Data Sets

  • Many, many interesting links with emphasis on mathematical research

World Bank Open Data

  • Arguably the most commonly used datasets in the world
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