Emotion regulation: taking stock and moving forward - summary of an article by Gross (2013)

Emotion regulation: taking stock and moving forwardJames Gross (2013)American psychological association Emotion regulation require the activation of a goal to up- or down-regulate either the magnitude or duration of the emotional response. 1) Intrinsic emotion regulation is when the goal is activated in oneself 2) extrinsic emotion regulation is when someone else regulates the emotions.Once a goal to regulate emotion has been activated, many different processes may be recruited. People try to decrease and increase emotions. The information-processing model treats each step in the emotion-generative process as a potential target for regulation. Each point represents a family of emotion regulation processes: 1) situation selection 2) situation modification 3) attentional deployment 4) cognitive change 5) response inhibition.Emotion regulation often alters the context that gave rise to the emotion in the first place. Different forms of emotion regulation have different consequences. They influence the emotion-...

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Klinische gespreksvoering

Deze bundel gaat over gesprekstechnieken die in de klinische psychologische setting worden gebruikt. Het sluit aan bij het vak Klinische Gespreksvoering dat in het derde jaar van de studie psychologie aan de uva wordt gegeven

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