When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad I’m better: A new mantra for psychotherapists - summary of an article by Duncan and Miller (2008)

When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad I’m better: A new mantra for psychotherapistsDuncan and Miller (2008)Psychotherapy.net The majority of clients experience change in the first six visits. Early change predicts engagement in therapy and ongoing benefit. The ORS assesses three dimensions: 1) personal or symptomatic distress 2) interpersonal well-being 3) social role.Changes in these dimensions are considered widely to be valid indicators of successful outcome. The ORS translates the three areas and an overall rating into a visual analog format of four 10-cm lines. The score is the summation of the marks made by the client to the nearest millimetre on each of the four linesIt can bring the risk of negative outcome front. Client’s ratings of the alliance are far more predictive of improvement than the type of intervention or the therapist’s rating of the alliance. The session rating scale (SRS) measures to encourage routine conversations with clients about the alliance. It contains four items: 1) A relationship scale rates the meeting. ‘I did not feel heard, understood and respected’ to ‘I felt heard, understood and...

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Klinische gespreksvoering

Deze bundel gaat over gesprekstechnieken die in de klinische psychologische setting worden gebruikt. Het sluit aan bij het vak Klinische Gespreksvoering dat in het derde jaar van de studie psychologie aan de uva wordt gegeven

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