How to use and find summaries, study notes en practice exams on JoHo WorldSupporter?

Online access to all summaries, study notes en practice exams

Using and finding summaries, study notes en practice exams on JoHo WorldSupporter

There are several ways to navigate the large amount of summaries, study notes en practice exams on JoHo WorldSupporter.

  1. Starting Pages: for some fields of study and some university curricula editors have created (start) magazines where customised selections of summaries are put together to smoothen navigation. When you have found a magazine of your likings, add that page to your favorites so you can easily go to that starting point directly from your profile during future visits. Below you will find some start magazines per field of study
  2. Follow authors or (study) organizations: by following individual users, authors and your study organizations you are likely to discover more relevant study materials.
  3. Search tool: quick & dirty - not very elegant but the fastest way to find a specific summary of a book or study assistance with a specific course or subject. The search tool is available at the bottom of most pages or on the Search & Find page
  4. Tags & Taxonomy: gives you insight in the amount of summaries that are tagged by authors on specific subjects. This type of navigation can help find summaries that you could have missed when just using the search tools. Tags are organised per field of study and per study institution. Note: not all content is tagged thoroughly, so when this approach doesn't give the results you were looking for, please check the search tool as back up

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Hoe vind je samenvattingen en studiehulp op en

Hoe vind je samenvattingen en studiehulp op en

Welke studiehulp en samenvattingen vind je op en

  • Het platform kan je gebruiken om kennis en studiehulp te delen, of samenvattingen te gebruiken voor bijvoorbeeld studies als bedrijfskunde, criminologie, economie, geneeskunde, psychologie, pedagogiek en rechten.
  • Voor de studie psychologie vind je onderwijsaantekeningen en tentamenoefenmaterialen met name op en de boeksamenvattingen met name op

Hoe en waarom zou je gebruik maken van voor je samenvattingen en studiehulp?

  • Voor online toegang tot gratis samenvattingen en studiehulp die door je medestudenten ter beschikking zijn gesteld of verzameld.
  • Voor online toegang tot donateurs aantekeningen van colleges en werkgroepaantekeningen.
  • Voor online toegang tot donateursbundels met tentamenvragen en oefenvragen.
  • Voor het samenstellen van je eigen lijstjes en bundels met relevante studiehulp.
  • Voor het delen en vinden van relevante en interessante samenvattingen, documenten, aantekeningen, blogs, tips, filmpjes, discussies, activiteiten, recepten, bijbanen en meer.

Wat kan je doen op

  • Via startpagina's en startmagazines vind je uitgelichte materialen en de favorieten van andere gebruikers
  • Gebruik de zoekfunctie onderaan de startpagina's of start je zoektocht op de 'search' pagina
  • Op World Supporter kan je materialen vinden via andere gebruikers met een World Supporter profiel en via studieverenigingen met een World Supporter profiel
  • Je kunt je favoriete medestudenten volgen die voor jou de beste materialen hebben verzameld, of zelf hebben samengesteld.
  • Je start je eigen WorldSupporter profiel
  • Je bewaart je geselecteerde en favoriete materialen
  • Je ziet de (nieuwe) bijdragen van je favoriete auteurs, organisaties en studieverenigingen
  • Je vult zelf aan als je denkt dat er mogelijkheden zijn voor verbetering van bijdragen van anderen
  • Je geeft complimenten of stelt vragen aan auteurs
  • Je maakt je eigen content en deelt je bijdragen met anderen als je dat wilt

Wat zijn de ontwikkelingen en welke studies kan je vinden op en welke op
Summaries and Study Assistance - WorldSupporter Start

Summaries and Study Assistance - WorldSupporter Start


Summaries, study notes, tips and tools for study and know how

Summaries and study notes can be found on WorldSupporter in different forms:

  • Book summaries: Book summaries of textbooks or professional literature give you insight into the main and side issues of the most essential and current literature in your field
  • BulletPoint Summaries: BulletPoint summaries are ultra-short
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What are the features, functionalities and rules on

What are the features, functionalities and rules on


To make optimal use of the WorldSupporter platform, you can use the functionalities below. Most features are only available to logged in WorldSupporters.

Access level of the page

Each page has one of the access levels below
  • Public: this content will be visible for everyone.
  • WorldSupporters only: this content will be visible for logged in Supporters, and JoHo member without full online access.
  • JoHo members: this content will be visible for JoHo members & subscribers with full online access.
  • Private: this content will be visible for you (the author) in the 'My Collection' section of your personal magazine only - great for drafts or notes to yourself.

Add to my selected supporters: 

  • You will be able to follow the latest contributions of this Supporter through your own magazine.
  • Supporters who are 'selected' many times will be highlighted on several WorldSupporter overview pages.


  • When you add content you will be asked to 'catagorise' or tag your content.
  • The categories that you select will be used in (search) filters, so other supporters that share your interests are more likely to find your contribution on selected pages
  • Tags will be shown on your contribution page.
  • Moderators will also be triggered to pick up your content to put in the 'spotlight' of the chosen category.
  • When your content does not fit to some of the category options, don't worry, just leave that option blank.
  • Does you content fit to multiple categories? Just click 'add another' to add an extra category.
  • Doesn't your content fit in any of the categories? Then you are probably using the wrong platform....

Content & Contributions

  • JoHo WorldSupporter provides people and organisations with different tools to share knowledge and experiences.
  • You can compose the following contribution types:
    • Summaries: Book summaries, Course Pointers, Practice Exams, Study Guides & Study Notes
    • Texts: Blogs, Instructions, Opinions, Quotes, Statements & Tutorials
    • Tips: Events, Sustainable Tips, Travel Tips & World Recipes,
    • Tools: Bundles (selections), Media (movies, photos, documents), Starting pages ('magazines') & Updates ('messages')
  • Contributions that you make are listed in the 'My collection' section of your personal magazine, so you can easily return to your pages.
  • Adding content on JoHo WorldSupporter is a functionality open and live to logged-in JoHo members to avoid misuse.
  • More information about adding content can be found in the using content and tools on starting page
  • More information about JoHo memberships can be found on the register with JoHo WorldSupporter starting page     

Comments & Compliments

  • You can add compliments and give feedback, so your favorite Supporters will be encouraged to add more and even better content.
  • The author of the page will receive a notification by e-mail highlighting your comment.
  • Adding comments on JoHo WorldSupporter is a functionality open and live to logged-in JoHo members.
  • Anonymous visitors can also add a comment, but it will always be read by a moderator before it will be published, which can take up to 48 hours.
  • Comments are listed in the 'My collection' section of your personal magazine, so you can easily return to the pages where you have commented before.
  • When someone replies to your comment, you will receive a notification mail, when someone adds a new comment on a page where you also added a comment, you will not receive any notification.


  • Contributions that apply to a specific country/continent will be listed on country & regions overview pages.
  • Adding multiple countries to one contribution is allowed.
  • Part of these contributions will be advertised at for additional exposure.
  • Country moderators use these categories/labels to spot new relevant content for their followers.


How can you influence the amount of exposure your contributions get?

  • Complete profiles, with filled out mini CV, are more likely to get exposure on WorldSupporter main pages.
  • Pick a title that is both catchy and informative using smartly selected keywords.
  • Adding (sharp and supportive) images to your contributions will help others to click through to your content.
  • WorldSupporter moderators select and highlight the contributions that fit their subject.
  • A selection of contributions will also be highlighted on selected pages of
  • Supporters with many followers will be listed more prominently on the 'Best Supporters' page
  • By actively participating in the Contributions/Comment section you can increase your personal exposure.


  • Content that is flagged as 'Favorite' will be highlighted on several Magazine overview pages.
  • Content that you mark as Favorite will appear in your list of favorites on your personal magazine (section: 'my collection' - only visible to you personally), making it easier to return to that page.
  • Marking a page as your 'Favorite' can also be seen as a compliment to the author or a trigger to read for other browsing Supporters.
  • For your privacy, it is not possible for other users to see which content you have tagged as 'Favorite'.


  • By clicking the button '+ Follow' below the Authors avatar, you can add the Supporter to your list of selected Supporters.
  • Newly published content by these authors will appear on your own personal magazine as well.
  • A list of supporters that you follow is shown in the 'my selected supporters' section of your personal profile, visitors of your profile can not see this list.
  • The number of 'Followers' a user obtains is used on the 'Favorite supporter' overview page.
  • The Supporter you follow is not notified when you start or stop following, if you want an author to know you started following her/him you can add a compliment/comment below the contribution that triggered you to follow that Supporter.

JoHo members

  • JoHo members have access to all content on WorldSupporter. You can become a JoHo member here
  • You can help recruit JoHo members by choosing 'JoHo members' as access level for (some of) your contributions.
  • When you stop your JoHo membership, your WorldSupporter account will remain active, only your access level will be reduced.


  • You can add media page as one of the tool of your WorldSupporter account. As the other page types it will appear also as teaser on your own magazine and the magazines of supporters that follow you.
  • Media include photos, movies (links to YouTube/Vimeo or other platforms), (links to) presentations or documents.
  • adding several photos in the same pages will create a slide show.
  • For all file types a maximum upload size of 2MB is set, all bigger items can be shown through an external link.


  • A WorldSupporter moderator is a thematic guide through WorldSupporter content.
  • What does a moderator do? A moderator manages a special moderator magazine next to his personal magazine. The modarator magazine serves as a starting point for other visiting supporters. 
  • Moderators also search outside WorldSupporter for interesting web pages or blogs or for instance Youtube channels to refer users to.
  • Want to know more about becoming a WorldSupporter moderator? Please fill out the contact form

Save for later

  • No time to read a contribution directly? Or you want to read something again later?
  • By clicking on the 'Save for later' flag, you can add the page to your list of selected content.
  • This list appears in the 'my collection' section of your personal Magazine and is only visible to you personally.
  • Additionally, pages flagged/marked as 'save for later' will be available when your are creating a bundle or magazine in the field called 'resources'.


  • The search tool is available at the bottom of most pages.
  • There is also a Search & Find page

Sharing knowledge & Rules

  • All contributions and comments should be written and made in the spirit of WorldSupporter. Which means aiming to contribute to a tolerant and sustainable world.
  • Comments and contributions that do not meet the requirements, or seem to be made for the wrong reasons can be removed or set on private.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of 17 goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years.
  • On WorldSupporter you can show other what actions you take to reach these goals and inspire others to follow your lead.
  • The 17 goals are a framework - your personal actions are part of a worldwide movement for a stronger, sustainable world.

Tags & Taxonomy

  • The tags and taxonomy give you insight in the amount of contributions that are tagged by authors on specific subjects.
  • This type of navigation can help find content that you could have missed when just using the search tools.
  • Tags are organised per activity, country, organization, subject or field of study.
  • Note: not all content is tagged thoroughly, so when this approach doesn't give the results you were looking for, please check the search tool as back up.


  • You can join WorldSupporter for free by creating a WorldSupporter Profile. After creating your own page you will have access to all content with the access level 'WorldSupporters only', that is uploaded and made by other Supporters.

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