How to do motivational interviewing - summary of an book by Matulich (2013)

How to do motivational interviewingMatulich (2013) Doing motivational interviewing starts before you see the client. You need to have an attitude of extreme respect for your client. You have to strive to work in partnership and see things from your client’s perspective. Your role si to explore your client’s own motivation and draw out his or her own solutions. The client alone is responsible for making decisions. The spirit of motivational interviewing is: 1) partnership 2) acceptance 3) compassion 4) evocation.Preparing your mind In the motivational interviewing approach, you want to accomplish four things with your clients: 1) Resist; to resist the tendency to tell your clients what to do or try to ‘fix’ their problems 2) Understand: to uncover and understand your clients’ own motivations and solutions 3) Listen: be empathetic and listen carefully, striving to understand your clients’ perspectives 4) Empower: empower your clients and encourage their hope and optimism.Preparing your space De-clutter your mind of distractions, and do the same as the place where you see your client. Anything that could be a distraction should be dealt with, or at least planned for, before the session begins. Goals The beginning of a session is important for setting the tone for working with your client. Goals of the first few minutes include establishing rapport and engaging your client. The beginning of the...

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