Travel to Sweden to backpack, study, intern, volunteer, work or live as a digital nomad, expat or emigrant?

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Intro: life and experiences in Sweden

Backpacking in Sweden

  • Sweden is often combined by backpackers with study, internship or volunteer work. It is also a popular transit country for travelers by bicycle and train.
  • Characteristics: Great distances, peace and quiet, space and a wallet that is rapidly thinning.

Traveling in Sweden

  • Although Sweden has some interesting cities, traveling through Sweden is mostly a journey through seemingly endless green and blue hill country.
  • Cities to spot: Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg.
  • Activities spotting: multi-day hikes, wild camping, rafting and sled dog trekking.
  • Nature spotting: The lakes of Värmland and Dalarna, tundra around Abisko and the coast of Bohuslän.
  • Animal spotting: Swedish classics are the reindeer and the moose. A rare glimpse of a bear, wolf or wolverine is possible.

Study in Sweden

  • Studies: because of many English-language programs, Sweden is a country where basically any field of study is possible.
  • Study cities: Erasmus hotspot for Dutch students, think Stockholm, Uppsala and Lund.
  • Learning Swedish: For longer stays in Sweden often not very difficult for Dutch people.

Internships in Sweden

  • Internships: internships can be found in various sectors of society.
  • Internship cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö.

Volunteering in Sweden

  • Volunteer projects: especially in agriculture and nature management.
  • Characteristics: volunteering possible from 1 or 2 weeks to several months.

Working in Sweden

  • Jobs: temporary work can be found in hospitality and tourism, such as at the many (Dutch) campsites. You can also work in Sweden as an au pair.
  • Longer-term work can mainly be found in rural areas in (paramedical) care.

Working as a digital nomad in Sweden

  • Favorite locations: Stockholm, Malmö, Uppsale and Visby.
  • Characteristics: Good, stable internet and plenty of coffee options.

Living in Sweden

  • Language: English is spoken by practically everyone. Learning the Swedish language is sometimes complicated by switching to English.
  • Quality of life: quality of life is high, somewhat more expensive than the Netherlands. The tranquility of the countryside attracts many people, but can sometimes be harder to get used to than previously thought.
  • Characteristics: hospitable but somewhat closed population. Affordable houses in the countryside, but rather expensive in the big cities.
  • Health care: is well taken care of in the big cities, outside the cities it quickly becomes more difficult because of the long distances. 


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