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Birdwatching in Romania Are you a bird fanatic and eager to discover different types of birds in a fantastic and largest reed surface in the world? The 580,000 hectares of the Danube Delta Biospheres Reserve includes the largest reed surface in the world, interrupted by lakes and channels, wher...


Het voordeel van airco in de bus bij tropische temperaturen mag dan duidelijk zijn, het nadeel is dat je op een zeker moment toch ook weer uit moet stappen en dat je na de klap in je gezicht dan weer een half uur nodig hebt om opnieuw te acclimatiseren. Na twee uur vanaf Daule met mijn trui aan in d...


Hey!  So I've been a little bit absent lately... Well that was because I was finishing my studies (omg!! after 6 years of university it's suddenly over.....) and preparing for and having my job interview in.. JAPAN! However, in this blog I will tell you something about the place where...


Heyy all! I had never heard of the Japanese giant flying squirrel before I went to Picchio Wildlife Research Center in Japan. But when I heard about them, I immediately looked up some pictures and of course...... they are just as cute as everything in Japan.  The Japanese flying squirrel is one...

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