Discover the insights of Manila with kids: Smokey Family Tour

Smokey Tours trains people from underprivileged communities to run eye-opening tours around Metro Manila.  The Smokey Mountain tour born in 2011 was their signature tour, the first and only tour of its kind offered in the entire South East Asian at that time. Today, Smokey Tours offers various tours: Slum Tour, Bicycle Tour, Cemetery Tour, Market Tour and the latest addition: The Family Tour. Their tours consistently rank #1 on TripAdvisor. 

Visit Manila with kids: Family Tour

The Family Tour is especially designed for families with children who would like to know more about the city, their residents and local customs. You'll walk through the Market area of Old Manila to get a taste of true Filipino culture.

  • This tour will give visitors a glimpse of a vibrant part of Quipo's streets under the watchful eye of your own tourleader, who is familiar in the area.
  • The Family Tour doesn't take as long as the regular private tour, is more affordable, and since this is a private tour, there is more flexibility to adjust to your needs during the tour.
  • Whether you need several bathroom stops, a slower pace or just some more action. No problem!

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