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Over the years South korea grew economically very hard, but this also had a inpact on the social status of south korea. This social transformation was mainly noticiable in the rural areas of the country. As you can see in the graph down below, the percentage of amount of farmers in South Korea ...


Doing world tours, billions of views on your music videos and having millions of fans all across the world. For many a dream but for Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose this is a reality. The four girls form the K-pop girl group called BlackPink. Behind the glitter and glamour of the immense fame these gir...


Introduction With the global market shifting more to Asian countries and with South-Korea having one of the top economies in the world, expanding your business to South Korea can sound very favourable. But are Koreans going to buy your products, and where do you even begin when you're want...


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I absolutely LOVE ramen. It's one of my favorite dishes in Japan, and fortunately more and more vegan ramen places are popping up in the country. While ramen has its roots in China, because of the use of Chinese noodles, the Japanese have turned it into their own traditional dish. Originally th...


Stap 1: Kip marineren 1. Was de 1,5 kg kipborrelhapjes met water. 2. Meng de kip met zout, zwarte peper en gember. 3. Meng de kip 1 voor 1 met aardappelzetmeel. Stap 2: Dubbel frituren 1. Frituur de kip voor 12 minuten. 2. Haal alle kip eruit en frituur vervolgens nog een keer op zacht vuur tot...

Korean rice cake skewers

Stap 1: Rice cake koken 1. Was de rice cakes met water. 2. Voeg water toe aan de pan. 3. Kook de rice cakes voor ongeveer 2 minuten op gemiddeld vuur. 4. Zet de rice cakes in een bak met koud water om ze even te laten afkoelen. Stap 2: Rice cakes skewers 1. Prik ongeveer 6 rice cakes op elk sate pri...

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