I donated my hair

A couple of months ago I donated my hair to the Dutch hair foundation.

I did this because i dont really need long hair. i mean i liked my long hair but it will grow back and people who have cancer and have to go through chemo will lose their hair and it will take a pretty long time to grow back. my mom went through that herself and when her hair fell out and she became bold, that was the moment she felt really sick not only mentally but also physically. She couldnt hide it anymore and for her that was the worst part. she wanted to be a strong woman and pretended that everything was fine but now she couldnt and i think that applies to a lot of woman who loses their hair because of cancer.

so thats why i wanted to donate my hair. to make that time just a little bit easier.

short after i donated my hair, friends of my exboyfriend made fun of my hair they  thought it was ugly and they were extremely rude. my ex boyfriend didnt even stood up for me. I felt really bad because every girl at my age is insecure and wants to feel pretty. ive learned now that those boys are shallow and that i shouldnt care what they think about my decisions simply because there mine. its also my own responsebility to be happy.

all with all im happy with what i did and i learned a lot about myself and the people who im serunded by. 

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