No Trash Week!

I just feel the need to share this blog with Y'all! 

I Haven't Made Any Trash In 2 Years. Here's What My Life Is Like


This blog inspirde me to do a no trash week challenge. I started last monday and its going pretty good so far. 

This is how I started up: I bought closable glass jars from the Xenos and went through my mind to find all the possible stores that sells goods by bulk (Meaning: weigh it yourself). It has been a marvelous week so far. We bought some pasta on the first day, allong with oatmeal for breakfast and some hazelnuts. After that we bought fresh veggies and fruit which are quite easy to buy without a bag. Bread and cheese has been more of a challenge, but i made it possible to make no trash by bringing old used bread bags to put my bread and cheese in.

The no trash week has changed my shopping experience. I am suprised by how easy it is to change our perspectives on what we buy and see the amount of waste we make everyday. 

It will be a big challenge to keep this up for a longer period since it will include making my own soap, dishwashing, toohtpaste and much more. However, I welcome the challenge!

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