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Travel & Move: 
I loved traveling to the states and live in Charleston, SC for half a year. Being away for so long helped me to reevaluate so many characteritics of me that I found it that it change my life forever.
Yeay Edwin 2.0 you go!
Experience & Leisure: 
I always imagine how it would be like to sleep in a hammock, but ive never done it yet. (why not?!). However, this imagination has been one of my fantastic imagined leisure breaks.
Learn & Develop: 
I love studying philosophy of the postmodern world and ponder how the reality I live in works on a philosophical level.
Exampels are Deborde, society of spectacle and Baudrillard and his theory of sign value, that changed my vision on my evil smart phone forever.
Help & Change: 
One of my first an most special experiences is going to India to visit developing projects, such as a primary and secondary school, argicultural aid, and a lepra hospital in the area of Hyderabad.
Afterwards I had to spread the word and make ppl fall in love with the projects. The friendships made in India and the insights I got in this mulitreligious society will never leave me again.
Work & Initiate: 
I loved organized a trip for 15 youngsters to go survival in the Ardennes in Belgium. This group grew in such a great and tight sweet group, that it was very rewarding to facilitatie it.
My Latest Activity
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Dear all, Plz go watch this movie. I just saw it yesterday and I was swept away by the extreme beauty and painfulness of the movie. The movie is completely shot on 70mm, which means that it has beautiful imagery. The movie shows imagery from all over the world. It starts with showing several Asian r...


Recently I have been staying in Amsterdam for a while. On my walk through the Jordaan, my favorite neighborhood, I happened to stumble upon a chocolatier called Chocolatl. After going in and tasting several of his chocolates we started talking about fair trade chocolates. He had several in store and...

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I just feel the need to share this blog with Y'all!  I Haven't Made Any Trash In 2 Years. Here's What My Life Is Like   This blog inspirde me to do a no trash week challenge. I started l...

Trade: Welcom to America

This movie is a very realistic movie about the traffiqing of humans over the Mexican-US border. I would advice anyone to see this to get a further insight in the painfull realities of being a vicitm of human trafficking. The movie gives a detailed descirption of a family's response after their young...


Hello,  my name is Mark Mateo, im 20 years old. I have two brothers, I live with my younger brother and my mother. I work at a mall where I am responsible for cleaning the comfort room and help with extra manual jobs when they arise, such as the recent sale we had in SM mall. With my work I sup...