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Hello,  my name is Mark Mateo, im 20 years old. I have two brothers, I live with my younger brother and my mother. I work at a mall where I am responsible for cleaning the comfort room and help with extra manual jobs when they arise, such as the recent sale we had in SM mall. With my work I support my mom and my younger brother. I recently became responsible for the financial situation at my house. Since my brother moved out and lives with his wife.

I love my workmates, we go often go out to Inasal, a fastfood chain, to eat a chicken leg and sigig pancit, a dish on a hot plate with rice noodles, some vegetables and a small lime, called kalimansi. As dessert I love to eat Halo-Halo, this dish is a mix of all kinds of stuff: dried bananas, ice cream, shaved coconut water, jelly balls, custard, beans, and other fruits.  Afterwards we sometimes go for karaoke, that’s really one of my passions.

In the future I would like to become a pastor. Before I started this job I studied at a Christian school which my church paid for. I had to quite since I had to take over the responsibility for my family. I hope in the future to gain more knowledge and learn how to be a Christian pastor. It is saddening for me that right now I cannot improve my skills in becoming a pastor. 


I became very good friends with Mark, as he was in training for becoming a new employer at Smokey Tours. I have hung out with him several times and ate quite a lot of halo halo. :)

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