Presentation to Malindi school

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In Malawi our group went to a Malawian secundary school. During our visit the schoolchildren from Malawi gave us a tour through the whole school. They went to school in their vacation for us. We also had the change to talk to someone from our own age. We could ask about their lives to see what differences there are. 
Besides these activities we also prepared presentations about our country in groups. My group prepared a presentation about the culture of the Netherlands. Other groups prepared presentations about food, sports, music, geography, kingdom etc. Also the Malawion schoolchildren had prepared presentations for us. First one of our groups gave the presentation and then a group from Malawi and so on. We also had the change to ask questions. We did this a lot and they did too. It was fun and i learned a lot from the presentations. There were some big differences. 

1. Make groups
2. Make categories 
3. Prepare presentations
4. Write words down on a piece of paper or draw something
5. Presentate to people from Malawi
6. Answer questions 
7. Let them tell about their country
8. Be respectfull 

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