How to make a good paper plane (World School Bank)

What you need:

- Only a piece of paper (size A4)

- And your imagination


Fold the paper in the middle of the long side.

Pick the 2 top corners en fold them till the corner "hits" the line of the fold.

Then you have a situation of a triangle at the top of the page and a square at the bottom.

Pick the top of the triangle and fold it downwards till it is about 3cm of the bottom of the page.

Now you have a square.

Fold the 2 top corners of the square, till it reaches the middle of the page. (the fold)

You have a tiny triangle in the middle, fold it over the two halfs.

Then you need to fold the two halfs together.

Now you have one half of the paper.

Lie it on its side, with the long side towards you.

It begins to look like a plane now.

Now you are going to make the wings.

If it is still the situation of 3 sentences ago, you need to pick up the right corner at the top and fold it in an diagonal way to the bottom.

You need to do this at the other side also, then you have a very good paper plane.




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