Activities to develop Sensory-perceptual skills

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Create games and activities for children so that they can learn and differentiate linguistic terminology by defining  taste, smell, touch, hearing.

Taste:  Prepare a tray if possible with different peeled fruit, cookies and let children taste something.  Does it taste sweet, salty, sour?

Smell : Let the children smell something.  What do you think it is?

Hear : Let the children listen to some nature, animal , traffic , environment , street etc. sounds and ask them what it could be, is the sound Loud/Soft, Fast/Slow etc.

Touch: prepare a sack of different objects and let the children touch and choose one without looking what it is. How does it feel? What do you think it is?
or put a tactical box at a corner of the classroom and repeat the same.


Tap, tap, who am I?
One child sits in the middle of the circle and closes his eyes.
The teacher silently points at a child in the circle.
He can sneak behind the one with closed eyes.
He taps on his backand tells: “tap, tap, who am I?”
The child with the closed eyes tries to guess who it is.
If he guesses right the other child may sit in the middle with closed eyes.

Where does the sound come from?
The children create half a circle
The teacher stands in the middle
First they cover their eyes
Then the teacher goes to a different corner of the classroom and makes a sound with an existing or self-created instrument
like clapping on a door, hands, any sound making surface or by use of a  triangle, drum or any other instrument.
The teacher quickly goes back to the previous place - middle of the half-circle and asks:
'Where did the sound come from?
The children point at to the direction

Nose tickling feather
Explain to the child that you will play a tickle-game in turns and explain the rules of the game before starting.
take the feather
close your eyes
tickle on the nose /left ear/mouth/right ear/ chin/ neck/palms/fingers (name of the left-right hand fingers)
the one who names correct, without opening the eyes, wins the game and takes over the tickling-feather.

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