Title: playing Domino as a group activity
playing Domino as a group activity

playing Domino as a group activity

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playing Domino as a group activity

playing Domino as a group activity

Education Category: Math, Games

nice with big domino cards!

Material: 27 Big domino-cards (prectical when cards are laminated).


  • Counting dots using number names and call the counting result
  • Comparing small and bigger amounts and understands the concept of more, less, equal (the same).

How to play Domino in a group activity?
Everybody gets one big domino-card. If you are with a small group or if you have copied the domino-cards each student can get more than one card. 
The teacher starts the game. He puts one domino-card in the middle. The student who has the same number of dots on his card raises his hand and lays down his domino-card
Similar sides need to touch each other so be sure you count the dots of the similar sites and ask the students if it is the same?
If the amount on the first card was three dots then both cards should have three dots facing each other. If it’s incorrect the teacher asks: “who has a card with three dots?”
You can keep repeating this until all the cards are on the floor or if there is no fitting card left.

Follow up:
Put the game in the math corner, let the children play the game on their own or with assistants. Eventually the children will be able to play domino by themself.

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