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Travel & Move: 
In 2007 I visited Kalkim - a mining town in Turkey - which was an incredible experience. The day starts there with a croaking rooster.
You will find fresh and very sharp tasting goat cheese in the mountains as you go high being served with fresh watermelon. Just try to ask the myth of Kalkim to a local. They are so wholehearted and enthusiastic to talk about the Kalkim myth and the love story of the town. The area is a preserved nature with many rare plant types. The town has an organic market each week. People are reserved strikingly as a contrast to a nearby village locals, read more here :
Experience & Leisure: 
yoga and art
Learn & Develop: 
Royal Academy of Fine Arts the Hague
Help & Change: 
art: organizing group art exhibitions
Work & Initiate: 
application support on international companies


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