Yesterday I met a lovely friend of mine in the city to have a drink and catch up. We both are being very 'getting summerproof' nowadays so no alcoholic drinks for us, but a little tea gathering is perfectly fine.

Most of the time pubs just have a standard tea box and really don't care about, for example, fair trade or reliable brands, it's all about making money after all. So I was so surprised when we got a arty farty stylish tea tablet full of cute little tea bags in paper boxes. My eye immediately saw the Fairtrade stamp and of course I could not keep my mouth closed.

I almost screamed out, 'oh my, you are serving fair trade tea, that is just amazing'. My friend already started to laugh, I guess she is used to me being a public geek now and then, but I was really happy to see that also little entrepreneurs are making a switch and being more involved with the world. The waiter was a little baffled by my happy face, but he said he thought it was a good thing as well.

The Art of Tea Collection is not only very World Supporter proof, it is also a lust for the eye. It is straight from Sri Lanka and specially designed by Theemadrinks BV. It looks stunning, like a real piece of art and it comes in fifteen different flavors wrapped up in beautiful colorful tubes. You can taste the quality, smell the delicious fragrances and just enjoy the appearance of this perfectly styled tea experience.

Apparently I was so enthusiastic that the waiter gave me one of the arty tablets to take home, and I already figured out where to order those little tea tubes, so from today on I have a very stylish tea box in my house. You are all welcome to come over for a tea of course.

Cheers Cecile

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Thanks for sharing Cecile! I

Thanks for sharing Cecile! I really like the concept and I think it is a really nice present to give to friends, so I will keep it in mind :-)

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