I'm an Investor!

Well, get me a sigar and an expensive suit, because you're looking at an investor! I just did my part by loaning €100,- to help fund a 'NEW WAAR STORE'!!!

Now for those who don't know. WAAR is a very professional Fair Trade chain of stores located throughout The Netherlands. I've shopped here before myself and was amazingly surprised at their stock and its quality. Their stores are sleak, clean and bright and every item has a story to tell. Making visiting them a true joy.

Now recently I noticed that they were looking to open another store, however they needed materials like cash registers and shelves. They decided that crowdfunding might be the best way to get this done so they went to oneplanetcrowd.nl.

Now here's the really cool part... unlike other crowdfunders where you simply pay for a product in advance. WAAR will actually 'PAY' you for your loan. 8% a year infact.
Which means that the €100,- that I invested, will not only be returned to me, but I will also be getting another €8,- each year. Absolutely free!

Their original goal was €25.000, however they are already over €35.000 when I'm writing this. No worries though! If you still want to invest, you can do so for another 38 days!

Easy money? Plus a new WAAR store? Sounds like a win/win to me.

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Hi Dennis

great blog, I actually didn't now about them but just checked them out an it looks absolutely amazing!

Let's see how much money I have left after my project in London, otherwise I'm definitely investing myself.

Looking forward to your new blog!!


Thanks for reading Cecile!

Thanks for reading Cecile!

Sounds very good Dennis! In

Sounds very good Dennis! In my opinion, WAAR is a really nice store! Where will this WAAR store be opened?

I'll be honest. I don't know

I'll be honest. I don't know exactly where. But they'd doubled their original goal. Meaning they'll be opening up 2 new stores! =D

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