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With over 1600 kilometres of coast line and its outlying Balearic and Canary Islands, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Spain is known for the sun-sea-party package holidays. But there is more. A lot more. From rich cultural heritage, beautiful architecture, an abundance of museums and places of extraordinary natural beauty to tasty tapas, challenging outdoor activities and interesting cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, San Sebastian and Granada.

If you plan to visit, study or live in Spain and are looking for some inspiration or tips, I've collected some interesting content on Spain in this magazine. If you have tips or information about Spain yourself, feel free to add on Worldsupporter! :)

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Sangria recipe

If you ever visited Spain, you probably enjoyed a freshing glass of sangria (or two). This colourful drink is popular throughout Spain and exists in many different variations. Sangria is perfect for a summer party, as you can easily make a batch of it. In the supermarket are

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