Disorders of childhood - summary of chapter 13 of Abnormal Psychology by Kring, Davison, Neale & Johnson (12th edition)

Clinical psychologyChapter 13Disorders of childhoodMost theories of childhood disorder, consider childhood experience and development critically important to adult mental health. Before making a diagnosis of a particular disorder in children, clinicians must first consider what is typical for a particular age.Some childhood disorders are unique to children.The more prevalent childhood disorders are often divided into two broad domains,Externalizing disordersCharacterized by outward-directed behaviorsAttention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderConduct disorderOppositional defiant disorderInternalizing disordersCharacterized by more inward-focused experiences and behaviorsChildhood anxiety disorderMood disordersChildren and adolescents may exhibit symptoms form both domains.Across cultures, externalizing behaviors are consistently found more often among boys and internalizing behaviors more often among girls, at least in adolescence.Childhood disorders involve an interaction of genetic, neurobiological, and psychological factors. Clinical descriptions, prevalence, and prognosis of ADHD DSM-5 criteria for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderEither A or BA. Six or more manifestations of inattention present for at least 6 months to a maladaptive degree and greater that what would...

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Abnormal Psychology by Kring, Davison, Neale & Johnson (12th edition) - a summary


This is a summary of Abnormal Psychology by Kring, Davison, Neale & Johnson. This summary focuses on clincal psychology and mental health. Discussed are etliolgies of disorders and treatments.

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