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For one and a half months, I went to Malawi to do volunteer work and to travel. Together with a friend, I visited several places in the south of Malawi to see what the country was like. We did this with only the two of us and two backpacks. We used local transport and we visited local highlights. We also went on safari in one remote but very cool wildlife reserve in which we camped with a small tent in between elephants, hyena's, antilopes and monkeys. We also went to the 'lake of stars' and climbed a 2000m high mountain. 

Afterwards we went to Zomba to do volunteer work. We worked in a group of 8 Dutch volunteers and a large diverse group of local volunteers. We stayed on the project for four weeks, to really experience what life in Malawi is like. We learned the language, we learned about their culture, their traditions and we cooked with them. We bought our own food (and chickens) on the market close by and did almost every thing ourselves: washing clothes, slaugthering a chicken, getting water etc. It was an amazing experience! In the weekends we wrote our blogs and went to the mosque and a church. We also went hiking on a nearby plateau with a magnificent view on the valley. We felt like one big family living in a small house with our two housedaddy's. It was a wonderful place from which I do have beautiful memories I will foster for the rest of my life.

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