Masterclass Academic Skills, an environmental case study. “The Kick-off 1.0”

Fri, 16th Jan. 2015, Kundapura, India!

A brand new initiative! A masterclass for Indian students that is focused on gaining skills. It is a 8 week long program in which we are going to challenge the students to get out of the books and learn while doing. Topics like project work, debating, presenting, research and learn strategies will be covered. Time for action.

We arrived at the location full of excitement. Till now everything had gone just perfect, the principal was nice and eager to accept our offer, the location was perfect and the students seemed highly motivated. However not this time, there was a classic misunderstanding: we were waiting for eachother on different locations…. By the time we found the students it was time for them to catch the bus back home. No worries, we will start next Monday even better prepared indeed!

A classic mistake asked for a classic remedy, a nice fresh juice at Phrabus!

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