ghana interview with Ibrahim by Jelle de Rooij


Q:  Who are you?

A:  My name is Ibrahim, I am 14 year old and my favourite colour is green.


Q:  What is your dream job?

A:  I would like to become a doctor, so I can cure and aid the people in my village.


Q:  How do you see your future, you place to work later in life?

A:  I think I would like to be in a hospital, and being able to treat people.


Q:  How do you think will you support your family later?

A:  With my salary that I am making from being a doctor I will buy all the necessary things for them,

like food, water and electricity.


Q:  What is your favourite school subject?

A:   My favourite is English, but I also like to do math.


Q:  Who is your favourite teacher?

A:  teacher Zach.


Q:  Who is your best friend?

A:   Muimi.


Q:  What is your favourite African story?

A:   “Anazi and the wisdom pot.”


Anazi was given a pot with all the wisdom in the world by the gods. The only condition that Anazi got was that he should share the wisdom with all the people. But, Anazi didn’t want to share the wisdom, he only kept the pot for himself. This displeased the gods, and they made his son sick. But even with all the wisdom in the world Anazi couldn’t find the cure for his son. Angry as he was he decided to climb the tree of life to find a cure. Whilst he was climbing he heard from down below that his son got so sick that he died. This angered Anazi so much that he destroyed the wisdom pot, with the wisdom spilling everywhere.  And so it the reason told that no one till this day has all the wisdom in the world.

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