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This is Munyaradzi I met him on one of the projects I have been working on during my stay in Zimbabwe. This project was 'Drop in centre', a place where we give children who live on the streets a save place to stay during the day. We cook for them and we try to educate them to make them feel like they are not the outcast that everybody thinks they are. Munyaradzi lives in Gweru and is one of the fortunate people that are able to study in Zimbabwe. We had a conversation about how life is in Zimbabwe.

He tolked about the political system in Zimbabwe, he said it was better not to participate in the voting because if you voted for the wrong person you would probably get killed. That is according to him the main reason nobody dared to stand up against the government. Only 50,000 people support the coalition! What really surpised me was that he was completely unaware of the situation in North Korea or in the Arabic countries!

I am doing research to micro finance and development aid in third world countries and I asked him if it was possible to receive any money from the government for the drop-in centre and when he told me they didn't receive anything I told him our government finances almost everything. That we even can get a subsidy for having a child.

We asked one of the street kids to take a picture of us. And this is what happened: instead of taking a picture of us, he made 180 selfies! That is the reason why the picture with Munyaradzi turned out to be a bit vague. I found out about the selfies by the time I was back at the volunteer accomodation.

The work Munyaradzi is doing for the drop-in centre is amazing! But unfortunately it is a struggle every day to pay the daily costs. Therefore Munyaradzi is working for drop-in centre without getting payed. A few years ago Alan, an African Impact volunteer, started Champions for Children, to raise money in order to provide drop-in centre's staff of a salary. All they ask is 5 dollars a month, the price of cup of coffee at Starbucks. If you feel like you could miss this little amount of money, please become a Champion for Children.


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