Interview whit an local whit the same age

We where in Malawi whit Worldmapping, it was amazing beeing there. I never thought i would do it but there i was, mostly listening to those whit me. We where at an private secondery school in Zomba. We did this as a group, because it else would get to much, acording to our lovely group leaders. We also thought it was better if we would let one person ask the quastion. Afcourse through out the interview it changes, like you can see in the video.

Before the interview we had presentations about The Netherlands and Malawi and Amalan was very good at giving the presentation, i'm not sure if it is because he practived it a lot or just because is good at public speaking. So he stuck out for me en the other because we went ask him right away, when we got the change. 

Us: what is your name?

He: my name is Amalan

Us: how old are you?

Amalan: I'm 17 years old

Us: where are you born?

Amalan: Right here in, where i life.

Us:What do you think about the presentations we just had?

Amalan: It was really good, but if the speakers where a little bit quite. But the rest was perfect

Us: Do you think there are big differences between The Netherlands and Malawi?

Amalan:Yes i think there are big differences. You actuly don't have any Hilly area's en we actuly do. I'm actuly really amazed, how different they are, we are still on the same earth... everything. So i'm actuly wow.

Us: For us its the same but different, i guess, because we can see the diffrance. Because we know how home is en here. We dont know everything ,but we do have an good inpression i guess.

Us: I'm not sure if it is a good topic en if you dont want to talk about it, it's fine. But the mentioned homosexualitie, But i was very curious, how do you feel about that?

Amalan: Ye... Basicly it' s the religion where you believe in, most people here, in Malawi, even Africa, belief that homosexual, gays, shhhh... it's not really good

Us: oké

Amalan: Actuly, whit me, i don't find it a problem

Us: oké

Amalan: i'm not gay so i'm fine whit it. We both life on this earth. there we go.

Us: but do you think it's a lack of knowledge here, maby?

Amalan: I don' know. Whit the way they say, it's not the way, they wish to be diffrance, but it just happend to be different. So i really can't blame them for beeing different.

Us: I think it's great you think this way, but i don't think everyone else thinks that way. So i think that's good.

Amalan: Ye, we have different opinions, everyone has different opinions.

Us: ye thats right.

Us: Have you ever heard that somebody is gay?

Amalan: Actuly yes, en than...

Us: what is your tought.

Amalan: Ye, my first reaction is really suprised, that somebody is gay. actuly, i was like wow that's something... that's something different, that's not something you see everyday.

Us: oke

Us: Is there something else you would like to share whit Holland? Something they should know?

Amalan: Yes! very

Us: oke, tell me.

Amalan: Malawi is an very beutiful country, is peace full, everything is just, perfect so sweet and actuly if you just like to relax, just come to this country. We have beatiful lakes, many beatiful sites, because it's just that many people don't realize about Malawi, it's not one of the biggest country's, but actuly, if you get in it, you see everything. You are just amazed. Like wow, we also have this en this en that.

Us: yes, it's very beatiful en it's actuly three time's as big as Holland, so... just think, how small Holland is.

Amalan: ye, pritty small

Us: like same population, like 16 million people.

Amalan: 16 million people?

Us: Yes

Amalan's friend: well we have 14 million people

Amalan: actuly how do you survive? 16 million in an very small country.

Us: ...

Amalan's friend: how much more bigger is our country than your's?

Us: 3 times.

Amalan's friend: 16 million? but...

Us: yes, but we dont have mountains, also we life closer to each other. Like here there is a lot of empty en onused space, it's very less in Holland.

Amalan's friend: how about the street?

Us: The streets are, very even...

Us: just like this.

Us yes but...

Amalan's friend: i'm not talking about the beauty en stuff. I'm talking about how people move in the streets. Here you can walk, peticulary erea's that are overcrowding... *camara turns to him* oh no. *everybody laughs*

Us: Hé if you talk we need to see something to, right?

Amalan's friend: I was asking, when you are moving around, you people find space where people are moving... I was asking is it that much more crowded than here? 

Us: yes it's more orginized, than here, but you have like different roads for walkers, people on bikes, bikers  en for cars, so it's very different. En here it's just all on the same road, but i Holland its busier on the road.

Amalan: 16 million people 

Us: yes we do

Amalan: 20 million cars

Us: apparently....

Amalan: 20 million cars, so, how, so how many cars does a famaly have? more or less.

Us: Normaly people have just two cars. It depends. In Holland it's commen that both of you parants work, so, they need to go diffrance kind of works, so they both need an car.

Us: Some of them have 3 cars, well we do.

Us: yes but i'm alone whit my mom, so we dont need 3 cars.

Amalan: yes i get yout point.

Us: How do you feel about Holland not beeing so religious?

Amalan: meh, i take is as, averybody has an belief. I can't say we all belief the same thing, than it's going to be very confusing.

Us: what do you belief? 

Amalan: I'm actuly christian

Us: oke

An other friend of Amalan: We also have non believers here.

Us: yes? but not as much i guess

Amalan's friend: But here non believers are taken to a point, as maby, i don't know, they are seen in an awkward way.

Amalan: yes they are seen as outsiders.

Us: So it is not very common right?

Amalan's friend: yes it's not tham common.

Us: yes i can imagine.

Amalan's friend: afcourse there are believers but they dont go to church en they dont go to mosque, ones a time. They just belief... i don't know how to say.

Us: are you going to chruch every sunday?

Amalan's friend: yes i do go to church every sunday.

Us: every sunday? 

Us: oké that good.

Amalan's friend: Do you go yourself?

Us: No, i'm sorry i'm not religious.

Amalan's friend: why don't you belief?

Us: because i'm person who is very based on facts en for me it isnt an fact that god exists, i think it's, that people are able to belief in god, because it gives you hope en strenght, but i cant.. i' very based on facts, for me it isnt possible, or something, it's hard to explain

Amalan's friend: So you think god is something like Santa for you

Us: no, i just leave it in the middle

Amalan's friend: but to some extend you do belief, he does exsist right?

Us: I'm not sure... That's the point, if i'm sure i will believe, but i'm not sure, so.

Amalan's friend: oow oké

Us: for me it isnt an fact. You never know for sure, how do you know for sure? do you belief it's an fact that god exsists?

Amalan's friend: Yes i think there is an god, by believing in a book called the bible

Us: yes but i can write something down en...

Amalan's friend: yes, but some times, you just have to belief in something.

Us: oké, thats the great part. because for me, i can't do that but i think it's great that people can do that.

Amalan's friend: do you have an bible?

Us: yes, i have seen one, i have read on, but..

Amalan's friend: can you manage to read it? you have to know where they are talking about. at least you can get some point. maby you can read some parts of the bible, so that you will later belief that god exsist. It's the same in school you learn some theories where you dont... have you ever learned the peathy condra theories, in geography?

Us: sorry?

Amalan's friend: You learn theories in school?

Us: Yes

Amalan's friend: So why do you belief them?

Us: Because they are based on facts en if they are not i dont belief them

Amalan's friend: Oké, i give you a question, so there is a theorie of evolution.

Us: Yes

Amalan's friend: Do you belief it? do you belief in evolution?

Us: No i'm not sure yet, i leave it in the middle as well.

Amalan's friend: That what life is all about. You have to belief in something. even if you....

Us: yes that's true

Us: For the theorie of evolution they have found bones en not for god.

Amalan's friend: So do they tell you that there was a person who lived like a monkey?

Us: yes

Amalan's friend: No! oké, so why is it that we have monkeys en also humans?

Us: I don't have biology, i don't know


Amalan's friend: that's funny, listen we just have to belief in something. even if we know that... 

Amalan's other friend: there isnt an actuly reason for seals to die, they just stop, for no reason at all. Did you know that?

Us: No, i didnt.

Amalan's other friend: there is no actul reason for that. So what do you think causes that?

Us: you know what the difference is? Believing in god has an big influence on your life, how you life you life, and if seals die or not. It couldnt change they way i would life my life and if you belief in god it does change they way you life your life. It's not bad or wrong, but it is just not for me.

Amalan's other friend: hmmm oke

Amalan's friend: I would like to urdge you to find an bible, if you dont have one. You have to get your own. If we would meet one more i would give you mine own.

Us: why would you like to change her? We dont want to change you en...

Amalan's friend: I'm not chaging here. I just trying to chare in what i belief in. That's what you belief in. You can tell me what you belief in en i can learn of it, so i'm trying to tell here what i belief in.

Us:  i tought you where trying to change her.

Amalan's friend: No! I'm not forcing it. There is freedom. I don't have to force you to do something. That's very wrong. I'm not perfect neather are you.

Amalan's other other friend: ??

Us: I'm not sure about that eather. I'm sure about facts.

Amalan: Your facts are based on fysical facts, thing you can feel en see. So you actuly base it on if he is alive, than he is alive.

Us: Yes, that's an fact for me. 

Amalan: Alright

Us: Like facts, i need to know for sure, an 100% sure. That's me. I'm weird maby.

Amalan: Let's just say, Let's just say, that god exists right en than just let say, that he comes to you in an vision or dream, let's just say it like that en he tells you i'm god en, wait wait wait en than you belief because he comes to you in your dreams.

Us: In your dreams?

Amalan's friend: Yes dreams are really, some people say, you dream of what you think the most about.

Us: yes sometimes.

Amalan's friend: I think... I can't change me en i can't change you, i was just trying to share.

Us: No i like that, that's the idea of this thing, you can share you thoughts.... you know en my way of thinking isnt wrong but yours isnt eather. But it's nice to share. 

Oke now thank you, ha, 

Amalan's friend: you are welcome

Amalan's other friend: It's very wrong to judge.

So i call those wo havent done anything like it to go do it because it was more than amazing, i can't put it into words how amazing it was. So go en try to make a difference, maby little, but at least it something. You should do it whit a groep because that made it better for me.


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