First of all, sorry for my lack of posts. I have a lot going on in my life at the moment, and it has given me a real writers block. I've sat down to write a post several times last week, but is just didn't came out the way I liked. It's a new week, so I have given it a new chance, since supporting the world is really important to me as you all know.

Although I hate fastfood, it is cheap, awfull and unfair, Burger King did something really special. They wanted to raise awareness regarding to gay people and the fact that they are not different then anybody else. To achieve this they put their, very popular Whopper burger, in a new jacket; The Proud Wopper. The wrapper had the colours of the Gay flag, but inside, one could find the exact same burger.

The reactions of some people are truly shocking; "I do not believe in a homo sexual lifestyle", but most of the responses are really lovely and heartwarming. Cause as the Whopper wrap says when one opens it;

                                                         "WE ARE ALL THE SAME IN THE INSIDE"

I believe this is what brands should do all the time, transforming their power into social actions to help improve this world. Well done, Burger King, you did good!

Cheers Cecile
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