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My most special experience during my travels is helping an old african citizen to build a house.
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I support the JoHo World Supporter 'Summary Bank' so students from less developed countries can use summaries & study support for free
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This question was literally asked on the exam (april 2019) Pro-family activists favor: 

  1. legalization of abortion
  2. non-discrimination against homosexuals.
  3. religious conservatism.<...>

Lecture 1 - The Problem

Lecture 1 - The Problem Philosophical approaches

  • Only sensations exist (Berkeley) Mind
  • Only matter exists (materialism) Body/Matter
    • Identity (brain=mind)
    • Functionalism (brain states=mental states)

More abstract

  • Epiphenomenal...


On this page I gather different materials for the second psychology-year course: Consciousness.

TentamenTickets Culture and diversity at work

Tips aan de hand van het tentamen 1-4-'19

  • Zorg dat je de weet welke theorie van welke wetenschapper(s) is/zijn. Er waren veel vragen waarin alleen de wetenschappers genoemd werden maar niet de theorie.
  • Focus je op de artikelen, in de sommige artikelen ook besproken. Dit is handig o...

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There are several ways to navigate the large amount of summaries, study notes en practice exams on JoHo WorldSupporter.

  1. Search tool: quick & dirty - not very elegant but the fastest way to find a specific summary of a book or study assistance with a specific course or subject. The searc...

Applied Cognitive Psychology

Multiple choice sample exam questions - Leiden University (2019) Lecture 2: Fundamentals The classic version of Broadbents Attentional Filter refers to an early selection of sensory information to enter perception, based on:

  • modality (e.g. auditory vs visual)
  • physical properties (p...