Toward a Model-Based Approach to the Clinical Assessment of Personality Psychopathology - summary of an article by Eaton, Krueger, Docherty, and Sponheim

Critical thinkingArticle: Eaton, Krueger, Docherty, and Sponheim (2013)Toward a Model-Based Approach to the Clinical Assessment of Personality PsychopathologyThis paper illustrates how new statistical methods can inform conceptualization of personality psychopathology and therefore its assessment. Structural assumptions about personality variables are inextricably linked to personality assessment.reliable assessment of normal-range personality traits, and personality disorder categories, frequently takes different forms, given that the constructs of interest are presumed to have different structures.when assessing personality traits, the assessor needs to measure the full range of the trait dimension to determine where an individual falls in it.then assessing the presence or absence of a DSM-V personality disorder, the assessor needs to evaluate the presence of absence of the binary categorical diagnosis.given the polythetic nature of criterion sets, the purpose of the assessment is to determine which criteria are present, calculate the number of present criteria, and note whether this sum meets or exceeds a diagnostic threshold.The nature of the personality assessment instrument reflect assumptions about the distributional characteristics of the construct of interest.items on DSM-oriented inventories are usually intended to gather converging pieces of information about each criterion to determine whether or not it is present....

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