It's easy to say that my first experiences in Beijing have been great! I took the first few days to explore the city and to get used to the atmospere - and it has been wonderful :). Coming to the busy city of Beijing has been overwhelming and exciting at the same time. For me it is also the first time that I am taking the opportunity practice my Mandarin on the streets, which I have been studying for the past three semesters at school. It has been much more difficult than I thought it would be, but it is great to be able to communicate with the locals and the best way to practice my language skills! Up until now I have visited Beihai Park, the Yonghegong Lama temple, Confucius temple and Imperial College which are all beautiful places to visit. However, the biggest surprise has been the traditional Hutong houses which date back centuries ago and are often hidden in small alleyways. Taking a walk among the Hutongs is the best way to experience Old Beijing and its traditions and lifestyle. You can view both the architecture and the daily life of the locals as they play Mahjong on the side of the street or ride their bicycles to the shops.

I have been eating out every night with my attendant, Monique Groeneveld and a group of language students that are studying Mandarin with China Inside. China Inside not only runs its charity projects, but also has a language school and organises lots of activities and workshops for anybody who wants to come to Beijing. China Inside is great for everyone who is really interested in the city, as the organisation provides you with accomodation and shows you around all the famous places in Beijing, but also all the lesser known but equally beautiful and interesting places. Monique has been great, as she has done her best to help me with my accomodation and has helped me with all kinds of practical issues. Every evening I have tasted some delicious Chinese cuisine, as Monique is showing us all the nice restaurants and streets in town. Tomorrow will be my first day at Huilin! I am very curious and eager to see what the day will bring, what goes on in the Day Care Centre and to meet Huilin's daily visitors for the first time :).

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