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At Snowminds the entire team shares the same passion: Snow

  • Everyone on the team has done winter seasons, ranging from one winter season to more than nine.
  • Snowminds guides its ski and snowboard instructors from the trip to the ski pass, from the hotel to your contract.
  • At ...


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Through this blog I want to tell you something about my search for jobs in the field of nature conservation. When I finished my studies in Forest and Nature Conservation, I realized that there were still many options for me to pursue. While you might not have studied the same as I did (big chance ha...


Finally! For the past 8 years I have been wondering why there was no working holiday agreement between the Netherlands and Japan. In the 1600s we were the only country from the west that was allowed to trade with Japan, and since then our bond has been quite good. Nevertheless, while the Germans, Fr...

settling in

There are many reasons to move to another country. Maybe you moved abroad for work, study or family, or you want to experience a different culture and way of life. Whatever your reason is, it is common that while moving to a new country can be exciting, you will also likely experience difficulties s...

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What are personality assessment methods?- Cohen - 2018

Summary of What are personality assessment methods? - Chapter 12 - Cohen - 2018. When assessing an individual's personality you can use a lot of different personality assessing methods. The methods commonly used will be discussed below.

  • What are objective methods of personality assess...

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