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Travel & Move: 
When I was teaching in Laos I became the teacher's coach. I taught them how to make learning more fun. The importance of joy, games, books. It's hard to make changes but very rewarding!
Experience & Leisure: 
After the internship I kept coming back to South East Asia. For traveling most of it's countries.
I enjoyed the freedom I experienced while traveling, the beautiful people I met, the climate, the food, the breathtaking views. But I also experienced a longing for more. I wanted to stay longer and become a part of daily life. I no longer wanted to be a backpacking tourist anymore. I started by volunteering for TCDF in the south of Thailand for three months, an experience of a lifetime.
Learn & Develop: 
I was introduced to South East Asia when I was in university. My internship at a primary school in Bangkok was overwhelming but I fell in love with Thailand the moment I arrived.
Help & Change: 
When me and my family left Laos after a year we couldn't take all of our stuff with us. So we donated a lot of toys to the sos children village.
They were very happy with the children's bike and the big bicycle with baby seat. Our own children had to say goodbye to their stuff but they learned they were able to give joy to other kids.
Work & Initiate: 
I started to realise my dream a few years ago. I started looking for jobs in Thailand and the surrounding countries. I chose to go to Laos because of it's calmth and peace.
My family came with me, including my three young children. They went to Kindergarten while I was teaching at a local school. It was a very special experience to share with them.


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