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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
The most impressive journeys I have made was to visit India. One year after finishing high school I went with six other friends to India.
When we arrived I was in (culture)shock, the differences between rich and poor people is enormous and frightening to see, due to the system India has (Kastenstelsel). Inhumane to see were the begging children in the streets and their disabilities they have (what people did on purpose to earn more money with begging). We tried to help those children to buy some products in their shops, but unfortunately this was not a structural way to solve the problem. Furthermore, the hospitality of the inhabitants of Africa is magnificent. While driving through the villages, children where running towards our car to ask us to visit their home, in one word: impressive. In the Netherlands we can still learn a lot of the hospitality in other countries (especially Tanzania and India).
Experience & Leisure: 
In summer I like to go to different festivals, for example last year I went to Zwarte Cross, Festival Mundial, Smeerboel and Sziget (in Budapest), especially festivals with a lot of different artists
all around the world, for example Shantel at Festival Mundial was amazing. Besides, I like it to hang out with friends, at the moment I am participating in a student association called TSV Plato, few years ago I organized a skiing holiday for the whole association.
Learn & Develop: 
During my study Business Ecomomics I went to Turku (Finland) for a exchange to meet people from different cultures and improve my English language skills.
My aim was to learn from other cultures and see what the similarities and differences across cultures are. We did a lot of special things and visit many other countries (Poland, Russia, Latvia, Sweden, Lithuania and Estonia). The most special occasion was my visit to the Sami people in the north of Finland (Lapland), we shared a lot of experiences and talked about each other culture.
Help & Change: 
The best contribution I made to a better world was in Tanzania last year. We (with my family) went to a foundation for abused and homeless children.
In the foundation are 60 children living, the children are homeless when they enter the foundation. In three years the children will first get rid of alcohol and drugs addictions. When they are fully clean, they get proper education and at the end of their stay they are learning a profession, for example to become a carpenter, mechanic or even a teacher. The founder of the foundation (a Dutch man), started this project 11 years ago and since the beginning he has helped a lot of children to get a better future. The children get a place to stay, get rid of their addictions and get proper education, so they get a reason to live and an opportunity to build up their future, a special and wonderful project. After visiting the Wototo Foundation I was surprised and emotional to see that there are really people who care about others, I directly donated a amount of money for their future projects.
Work & Initiate: 
Last year I did a board year at a non-profit organization called Integrand.
The main goal of this organization is to mediate between students who are searching for internships and companies with open internships. The board year was fully voluntary (around 25 hours a week) and very instructive, particularly to develop personal capabilities. The work was very thankful, because you are matching students and companies.


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