Digital Nomads, Working Nomads & Work Abroad: blogs and contributions of WorldSupporters

Digital Nomads, Working Nomads & Work Abroad: blogs and contributions of WorldSupporters

Remote working from the Caribbean

Remote working from the Caribbean


More and more people and companies are getting used to online work, and it seems some will offer the ability to work remote. So some will grab the opportunity and move to a more relaxed or warm area to live. And where else to move than to the Caribbean.

Barbados anounced a 12-month welcome stamp. But they are not the only island in the sea. In this blog you can find our more about different visa opportunities in The Caribbean when working around the globe as a digital nomad.

Work as a TEFL tutor

Work as a TEFL tutor

  • Wanted: Enthusiastic, inspirational TEFL tutors to deliver intensive practical TEFL courses
  • Location: South Africa, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, or Ireland


  • Deliver a TEFL course which includes, among other things, teaching TEFL methodology and language analysis, Giving teaching demonstrations, and Organising peer teaching practice.
  • Provide TEFL career advice
  • Promote i-to-i products and services to customers
  • Complete course administration in a timely manner (approximately one hour per course)


  • A DELTA qualification or equivalent qualification strongly preferred
  • Three years’ teaching experience (ideally overseas)
  • The ability to motivate and inspire!
  • A strong commitment to customer service
  • A passion for teaching overseas and inspiring students to achieve their dreams!


  • Expert user of English
  • Strong language awareness
  • Familiarity with communicative methodology and PPP
  • A broad knowledge of the current TEFL job market


  • Excellent payment for each course delivered
  • Full training from i-to-i on how to teach the course
  • All the resources you’ll need for your students
  • The opportunity for additional earnings when extra courses are in demand

Check for additional information about the vacancy the i-to-i website

Interested? Send a CV and covering letter to 

    Digital Nomad Resident Permit (Visa) for Non EU citizens in Croatia

    Digital Nomad Resident Permit (Visa) for Non EU citizens in Croatia


    As more and more people are working online being a digital nomad will probably still be an attractive way of combining work and seeing more of the world!

    Croatia has recently opened up for digital nomads with the development of a Digital nomad resident permit with which digital nomads can live in Croatia for up to a year. One of the conditions is you won't work for a Croatian company.

    Want to know more about this 'digital nomad visa' - check out this blog


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