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What is a MOOC?

I am a big fan of open source online courses, accessible for anyone interested in learning about new subjects anywhere and anytime suitable to oneself. The best thing: a great deal of these courses are offered for free! In my opinion, education should be available for anyone, without (high) costs at...

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What makes a good leader? - Chapter 6

In most studies, it is assumed that leadership is something that is learned. Leaders' behaviors can be divided into two broad categories: initiating structure and consideration. A takeaway of this chapter is that leaders need to be flexible and adapt to both followers and the situation they are in. ...

Assessment, Careers, and Business - Chapter 15 - Cohen - 2018

Summary of Assessment, Careers, and Business - Chapter 15 - Cohen - 2018. A whole world of tests is available to help in various phases of career choice. Historically, one variable considered closely related to occupational fulfillment and success is personal interests.

  • What are the m...

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I read an article in my regional newspaper about young adults who consciously choose to take a gap year. “The coolest thing I have ever done”, “I really stepped out of my comfort zone”, “Good to do something where you get to know yourself better.” A gap year has a...


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