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The best textbooks summarized per field of study

The best textbooks summarized per field of study Summaries and study assistance with the best textbooks per field of study

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settling in

There are many reasons to move to another country. Maybe you moved abroad for work, study or family, or you want to experience a different culture and way of life. Whatever your reason is, it is common that while moving to a new country can be exciting, you will also likely experience difficulties s...

What are effective ways to find scientific articles?

Here are some effective ways to find scientific articles. Search engines and databases:

  • Google Scholar: This is a great starting point because it's free and indexes a vast amount of scholarly articles. You can search by keywords, titles, authors, and even filter by publication date and othe...

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What are different tools for taking notes?

Taking effective notes can feel like climbing a mountain – overwhelming for students, professionals, and anyone seeking to learn new things. Mastering this skill offers significant benefits. As with climbing a mountain, there's no single "right" way. This guide give an overview of over 50 note...

What is a study book?

A study book or academic book, also referred to as a scholarly book, is a type of book written for an audience of researchers, professionals, and students in a specific field of study. Here are some key characteristics of academic books:

  • Purpose: Their primary goal is to disseminate researc...

Where can you find study books?

There are multiple places you can find study books: college bookstores, general bookstores, online retailers and online resources. College bookstores: This is the most obvious place to start, as they will carry a wide selection of textbooks for your courses. Bookstores: some of the better bookstores...

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