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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
While I have had the privilige of travelling to foreign countries since I was a child, it wasn't until last year that I truly realised the impact of travelling.
Last year, I consciously made the choice to travel abroad on my own, for almost a year. As I already had quite some experience with travelling, I didn't feel completely lost while walking through the airport, constantly packing my bags, or exploring a new town. I was prepared to feel alone at times, as this is most likely the case when one is travelling on their own for quite some time. However, I didn't fully comprehend the impact of certain experiences, and how difficult some things can be when you are alone and you are the only one that is making decisions. Nevertheless, I have never regretted my gap year, the length of it, and the companionship (or lack of); all these experiences have only made me more confident in who I am and what I stand for. As for the most special experience during my travels, I would say it is the people that I've met. You get to know so many new faces, and when you are alone, you force yourself to connect with others. All those lovely people I have met, have made my travels entirely worthwile.
Experience & Leisure: 
It might seem cliche, but personally I believe that the smallest acts can make someone's day so much better.
Whether this is smiling at a stranger, picking up garbage from the streets and beaches, or holding the door for others. I notice the difference such things can make for myself, so I try to do my best when it comes to others.
Learn & Develop: 
Knowledge can be such a wonderful thing, and I think it can be even better when shared, so I try to do so when I can.
I have been a tutor since middle school, and have experienced how good it can feel to help others understand something better. The type of student I tutor varies a lot, which can be a challenge, but at the end is even more rewarding when you notice how they've developed their skills. For instance, at the moment I help a 13-year old ADHD boy with Dutch, but at the same time I help a 40-year old man with English. This teaches me different ways to help others and to be open to new ways of learning and teaching.
Help & Change: 
As I am only a poor student myself, I try to contribute to organisations in other ways than by giving money. For example, I use the browser Ecosia instead of Google, as a search machine.
This organisation uses the money they receive to plant trees. It feels a lot better knowing that a tree is being planted every few searches when I am going through random facts at the middle of the night. Organisations such as these are ones I try to support as much as possible, and I share them with my friends as well. Furthermore, I try to actively support goals that I am passionate about, as I have joined the Women's March several times and the Climat March as well.
Work & Initiate: 
Being a young student, I have to admit that JoHo is the first organisation I started working for because of their contribution to make this world a bit better.
I could only work for an organisation or company, knowing that I am at least not making this world any worse. My last job was as a Coffee Sales Advisor for Nespresso. While I wasn't particularly fond of it, I have to admit that it was a nice thought that the company worked very hard to make FairTrade coffee and to keep the rainforest alive.


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