5 tips to improve your English every day
5 tips to improve your English every day

In this video, Lucy gives 5 tips that you can use to practice your English every day. Some of them are quite original, so I thought I'd share them!

The tips she mentions in the video are:

1) Follow an audio soap-opera: Listen 10-15 minutes every day to a soap every day, a show that deals with regular people and their problems. It is not too difficult to follow and will definitely help you improve your English.

2) Talk daily with natives: if you are not able to do so in your area, there are several paid and non-paid options online.

3) Set a daily word goal: learn X number of words every day.

4) Write a daily journal with a difference: write 3 or 4 sentences about your day, trying to incorporate words from your dialy word list.

5) Perform daily translations of subjects you are interested in. Pick YouTubers you like and contribute to subtitle translations.


Hopefully some of these tips will help you improve your English, good luck!

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