Learning and Teaching English as a non-native Speaker


Learning and Teaching English as a non-native Speaker


English Language Certificates - What is the Difference and Why would you need them?

It would not be much of a shock to say that English is the international language nowadays. Generally, it is very useful to have a certain amount of English language skills, for some maybe more than others. For those who would like to engage in the language even more, or those who want to study or work abroad, or in an international environment, it is essential to have at least one certificate that shows your level of the English language. As there are quite a lot of different certificates, I will name the most known and internationally acknowledged down below.

Test of English as a Foreign...


How to Make Learning English More Fun for Students

Learning a new language can be quite difficult, and teaching one too. There are a lot of ways to teach a new language to someone, but not all of them are as interesting to students. Below, I will list some ways to make learning English a bit more fun for students.

Let them listen to Ted Talks and either discuss the topic that was discussed, in groups or with the whole class, or hand them a work sheet with questions about the Ted Talk that they have to fill in while watching the video. Doing either of these things makes them more aware of certain topics and will improve their listening skills...


Is it possible to teach English as a non-native speaker?

There is this certain 'myth' that if you are not a native English speaker, teaching English abroad is almost impossible to do. Let me first say: no, this is absolutely not the case! You are perfectly capable of teaching English as a non-native speaker. However, it can be more difficult to find jobs as a non-native compared to native speakers, but as long as your skills are up to date, nothing is impossible!
What is preferable for a non-native speaker to have is:

Being able to speak English proficiently
Having a TEFL-certification
Having a bachelor's degree
Having a talent for teaching



Whether your dream is to teach English all over the world or to work or study while travelling, it is useful if your English skills are on point! In this magazine there will be a lot of tips and tricks for (upcoming) teachers. Please use what you need and spread your knowledge!

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Engelse Skills Testen en Verbeteren

Engels, dé wereldtaal van de 21e eeuw. Als Nederlander worden we van jongs af aan al blootgesteld aan deze taal; films en series kijken we in het Engels, de meeste muziek is Engelstalig, en tegenwoordig de meeste filmpjes op YouTube en sociale media ook. Engels is een herkenbare taal, zelfs al schrijf, lees, of spreek je het niet veel, je hoort het vaak veel meer dan je bewust van bent. Dit zorgt er dan ook voor dat het luisterniveau van Engels van Nederland veel hoger ligt dan dat van andere la...


Hoe kies je tussen alle verschillende opties om je Engels te verbeteren?

Tegenwoordig zijn er veel verschillende opties als het gaat om het verbeteren van een taal, helemaal als het gaat om Engels! Het is nu eenmaal de meest gesproken taal ter wereld en daarom willen de meeste mensen dit ook redelijk (goed) beheersen. Dit kan om allerlei redenen zijn: je neemt een tussenjaar en gaat op reis in het buitenland, je gaat een studie volgen in het Engels, je wilt graag bij een internationaal bedrijf werken, je wilt beter kunnen communiceren met mensen die niet Nederlands s...


Ways to Improve your Vocabulary

For all those who want to improve their English skills, it is important to expand your vocabulary. This will make it easier for you to have a conversation, understand others, and to improve your writing skills. Even for advanced speakers of English, it is important to update your vocabulary every once in a while, since that is a way of expanding your knowledge of the language. Below, I will list a few ways and tips to do so.

While watching your favourite TV shows and/or films, have a notebook within reach to write down words that are new to you. You only have to write down the words while...

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