Travel to China to backpack, study, intern, volunteer, work or live as a digital nomad, expat or emigrant?

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Intro: life and experiences in China
  • China is an extremely interesting destination. In addition to countless sights, the country has a fascinating culture and nature. Nature varies from the tropical rainforest in the south to the Himalayan mountains in the west. A country with a turbulent past from Confucius to Genghis Khan. China, a country that has been closed off from the Western world for years. A country with a history of long-term, strict communism and a country that perhaps has one of the most controversial governments internationally.

Backpacking through China, Hong Kong or Tibet

  • China is an extraordinary destination where you can travel around and backpack for both short and long periods of time.
  • Features: the highest mountains, subtropical regions, vast steppes, ancient culture, and food to lick your fingers or wash them off quickly.

Travel in China, HongKong or Tibet

  • A trip through China is one that sees ancient culture mixed with modern cities and impressive nature.
  • City spotting: Guilin, Hong Kong, Lhasa, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an.
  • Animal spotting: Mandarin ducks, Giant pandas, Red crowned cranes, Red Panda, Yaks.
  • Nature and areas spotting: Himalayas, Hunan province, Jiuzhaigou national park, Karakoram Highway, Tibet, Wolong nature reserve, Yangze river.

Studying in China or HongKong

  • Studies: basically all subjects and forms of education can be found.
  • Study cities: Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, HongKong, Shanghai.
  • Mandarin language course: Beijing, Chengdu, Guilin, Hong Kong.

Internship in China or HongKong

  • Internship sectors: internships can be found in all sectors of society.
  • Internship cities: Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, HongKong, Shanghai.
  • Internship competencies: perseverance, patience, flexibility, self-reliance.
  • Characteristics: The work culture in China consists of fairly long and fairly hard work.

Volunteering in China or HongKong

  • Volunteer projects: especially in social sectors, wildlife management and animal care.
  • Animal projects: protection of pandas, birds and nature reserves.
  • Characteristics: volunteering possible from 1 or 2 weeks to several months.

Working as a digital nomad in China or HongKong

  • Favorite cities: Guilin, Guangzhou, HongKong, Shanghai.

Working and living in China or HongKong

  • Jobs: temporary work can be found mainly in Hong Kong.
  • Living conditions: it is a relatively safe country to live in with increasing living comfort, the people are generally friendly and helpful even if not always easy to recognize, low cost of living.
  • Many options to eat great food if you know what to eat and where to go.
  • Language: English is not widely but increasingly spoken. In the remote areas some knowledge of Chinese or the local language is very useful, mastering the language is often a challenge.
  • Work culture in China: the differences between bustling cities like HongKong and Shanghai and rural towns are still very big, work is rarely boring and rarely without surprises, and many responsibilities for young employees.
  • Healthcare in China: get advice on insurance policies that provide adequate coverage for proper care and also repatriation in case of emergency or read more about healthcare in China and Hong Kong first.


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In de internationale media verschijnen zoveel artikelen over China dat het bijna niet bij te houden is. Veel van deze artikelen zijn goed geschreven en geven goed weer wat huidige ontwikkelingen in de Chinese maatschappij zijn. Wanneer je als buitenlander in China woont, maak je deze ontwikkeli...


Een woning huren in Beijing is anders dan huren in Nederland, en de situatie is op dit moment niet al te best voor woningzoekenden.  De prijs van onroerend goed is in China de afgelopen paar jaar enorm gestegen, wat huiseigenaren inhalig lijkt te maken. In China geniet je als huurder  nie...

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Thee is de nationale drank in China. Koffie werd pas in de 19e eeuw in China geïntroduceerd, toen westerse missionarissen en handelslieden voor het eerst toegang tot Chinees grondgebied kregen. De drank sloeg vooral aan bij de rijkere bevolkingslagen in de steden. In 1920 stond Shanghai bekend ...

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Mid-Autumn Festival  The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated every year around september or october, the 15th day of the 8th lunar month to be specific. In 2023: 29th of september. In 2024 17th of september. After the Chinese new year one of the biggest festivities. It is on the day that the moon...


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Chinees nieuw jaar Het Chinese nieuwjaar is één van de allerbelangrijkste Chinese feestdagen! De meeste Chinezen gaan naar huis om deze dag samen met familie te vieren. Het Chinese nieuw jaar is ook wel het Lentefeest. Het feest begint goed met het aflossen van schulden, een schoo...


Chinees nieuw jaar Het Chinese nieuwjaar is één van de allerbelangrijkste Chinese feestdagen! De meeste Chinezen gaan naar huis om deze dag samen met familie te vieren. Het Chinese nieuw jaar is ook wel het Lentefeest. Het feest begint goed met het aflossen van schulden, een schoo...


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This program, run by the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province, hires European professionals to work as Cultural Ambassadors to teach the English language, with a focus on communication skills, in Chinese primary and secondary schools in ...

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