How to Make Learning English More Fun for Students

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Ages: 8-12, 12-16, 16+

Learning a new language can be quite difficult, and teaching one too. There are a lot of ways to teach a new language to someone, but not all of them are as interesting to students. Below, I will list some ways to make learning English a bit more fun for students.

  • Let them listen to Ted Talks and either discuss the topic that was discussed, in groups or with the whole class, or hand them a work sheet with questions about the Ted Talk that they have to fill in while watching the video. Doing either of these things makes them more aware of certain topics and will improve their listening skills.
  • Let them start the class with talking with their neighbour(s) for about 5 minutes, it doesn't really matter what they talk about, as long as it's in English. By doing this, students will be a bit more comfortable with speaking English later on in class.
  • Introduce things like roleplay or drama in the class, to make students practice English in a more fun way. In addition, by doing this, students will explore different vocabulary and have to improvise while they're talking. By improvising and introducing different topics, students will come across situations that might be useful in real life situations. 
  • Make them improve their vocabulary by playing Bingo with words that they should learn. Make a PowerPoint presentation with all the words on one sheet, and let them choose ten. These ten words will be their words for Bingo. The rest of the presentation will be the description of the words. By doing this, you will test their vocabulary skills and let the students actively use them.

Hopefully you and your students will find these tips useful!

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