Too busy to attend a face to face TEFL course? Take our Online Blended TESOL
20-04-2020 to 27-06-2020

This flexible course will allow you to study online and attend our training centres in either Malaga or Rome for teaching practice. Obtain an accredited and internationally recognised Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL in just 10 weeks.

This TESOL course is a combination between online practice of 8 weeks and a 2 weeks face-to-face element (both consisting of 65 hours of practice). This course is more affordable than a full on face-to-face course as you save on accommodation fees by taking the blended course. Furthermore, you can save €150 if you pay in advance.

The next 10-week Online Blended TESOL are:

20th April – 27th June 2020 (Face to face in Rome: Every Friday 11am to 7pm)

20 April – 26 June (Face to face in Malaga: Every Friday 9.00 to 18.00)

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